Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Time to Dissent

To everything there is a Season- A Time to support, a time to dissent. Today was the latter. I highly endorse the protests that took place today. All I can say is that it is about time people turned off the X-Box, cancelled the tee-time, and raised a voice of opposition. One good thing about the events that have been unfolding at President Obama's hand is that perhaps conservatives, independents and moderates will have something to unite around again as they did by the end of the Carter years.
The real problem for the conservative movement, in particular, has been that two consecutive republican presidents fooled most self proclaimed conservatives into thinking that they were actually represented by them, when in truth, the Bushes represented very little but their own dynasty. The Bushes took the reigns of a massive conservative base and squandered it, divided it, and ruined it. Yes, the house of conservatism is so fragmented now, that it really might take what is currently happening to our country to unite us again, and do so around fundamental principles. I don't know though; many, like myself, have divorced themselves so thoroughly from the neo-conservatism of men like Bill Kristo and John McCain, that its hard to see how all conservatives could agree on a coherent platform again.
Regardless, however, I see the events of today as by and large very positive. It gives me reassurance that there are some patriots still out there that will be willing to dissent to the massive government and media takeover of our republic.

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