Thursday, April 16, 2009

Behold the Face of your Media!

"It's anti-government, anti-CNN...since it's promoted by the 'right wing' conservative network, Fox...and since I can't really hear anymore, and since this isn't really family viewing, I'll toss it back to you kerrah."
-CNN Reporter at the Tea Party Rallies-

For those of you that doubt the power, scope, and aim of the mass media, please view the following. If there is any of you that watch this and say to yourself "Yes but she is only ONE reporter, they don't all act as irresponsible and overtly biased as she did", I would merely respond everyone of those big named broadcasters, Brian Williams and the whole lot, by and large does the same thing day in a and day out, just more subtly.
When you watch the media, you are watching it through a very crafted, manipulated lens. If you watch someone like Brian Williams, for example, one who we all count on for objective news reporting, it isn't always the words that he says that reveal his leftist views; it's the body language, it's careful use of adjectives, it's the tone in the voice, it's the way the shots or sound clips are edited together, its the camera angles, and even the lighting; in short, it's the subtlety of some of the most masterful propaganda artists the world has ever seen. I have been watching listening, and reading the words of these "journalists" for long enough now to know how and what they think. Yesterday's CNN reporter's meltdown was merely an outward display of what is on the mind of almost your entire media. Yeah, yeah, Fox News, whatever. I don't even watch Fox News. All Fox is is the ONE quasi conservative mass media outlet standing in the shadow of the well oiled, left wing propaganda machine. Well go ahead, see for yourselves...

So my first question is, what exactly is not "family viewing" about the rally? A man holding his two year old baby talking about, GASP! President Lincoln! Close the ears of those kiddies moms and dads!
Then she makes the excuse that she "can't hear"--I didn't hear any reporters complaining in all of the Obam-euphoria; nor did I hear them complaining when they camped out daily to let the No on Prop 8 propesters take up day after day of airtime here in California. You know how they reported these demonstrations here in California, as a brief FOOTNOTE that lasted, I kid you not, about 20 seconds before moving onto the WEATHER. Yet when all of the No on Prop 8 rallies were going on, they were right down in the thick of it, day and night, exuberant as could be. You should have seen the elated looks on their faces and the elevated tones of their voices. You would have thought they were at had just touched the hem of Obama himself. I am telling you, we are headed for trouble with these people at the helm. What's more is, who is responsible for putting these people in check? Unlike the federal government, the media has not checks and balances. The media has become quite literally an unchecked power unto itself, and in far too many ways, more powerful than the federal government itself. We are all essentially the captives to the tyranny of the media.
Alright, that's all I can stand to say for now. Nothing winds my clock more than the media. You probably won't hear from me for a while--I will officially be immersed in finals for almost the next month.
Till then,
keep your ears to the ground


Bassus said...

Amen, brother!

Zach Carr said...

Forever and Ever, Amen.