Monday, January 5, 2009

Wolf Cries Boy

If there was one frivolous wish that I could have granted it would be that I could have a good chunk of time set aside to work on projects with each one of my old friends.  Whether it be music, short films, or whatever, I wish I had the time to spend with friends collaborating.  One such time that I actually got to do this was was with my buddy Spencer when I first got home off of my mission.  It was then in the summer of 2002 that Wolf Cries Boy was formed.  With a keyboard that I was borrowing from my friend Scott and a guitar that I had recently bought by trading in my student saxophone, Spencer and I collaborated on a total of about 4 songs together.  It was summer and the only thing we had to worry about was our telemarketing job where we basically got paid to prank call.  It was a short lived music project, but we managed to make a couple of recordings which I will one day make a myspace page for.  They were just recorded on my four track, but they sound a lot better than what you will hear below.  I forgot that these videos even existed until Spencer sent them to me recently.  I was pleasently surprised. It took me back to simpler, more care free times.  When I come across more care free times again I hope to collaborate with some of my friends again.  Dave has been bugging me about putting together a little duo called "Them Dandy Boys" where I will play guitar and he will play the harmonica.  He has in mind that our first album will be "Them Dandy Boys Sing the Hymns."  I promised him we will do it someday.  I hope it wasn't an empty promise...

This first song was called Via Telepathy

This one was called "When Child Met Gnome". It was our hit single.


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joshua. said...

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i'm glad to have 'When Child met Gnome' back in my life.