Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well, finals are finally over and I am becoming reacquainted with my wife. It turns out that we have a lot in common. It's nice to be able to actually spend intervals longer than thirty minutes at a time with her and Auri. Auri can now have "fun" with two full time playmates. Auri likes to say "fun" a lot now. It's funny. Besides spending time with the fam., I can also actually pick up the guitar again. I plan on trying to write a couple new songs over the break and record at least two new ones. We'll see though. I can also actually read the news again. What's all this about a recession and corporate bailouts? Ha... I will have to start tackling the mountain of reading for next semester soon though. But for at least a few days, that will be out of sight and out of mind. For right now I'm just going to be a pie cooling on a window sill.


Graham and Kate said...

Yes yes.. who wouldn't want to be a pie sitting on a window sill? What a lucky guy you are to have an beautiful wife and daughter! Hope you enjoy your break from esquela!

Crowther Clan said...

Hey Andy it's me Lindsay (Roberts) Crowther. Your family looks great & your daughter is beautiful!! I ran into your mom at the store & i told her to tell you hi but here is this in case she didn't. So how are things going for you? Looks like school is keeping you busy, I wish i could say the same. I just work my butt off at the hospital. I've been there for 6 1/2 years now. Well i hope everything is going good for you.