Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Wishes for My Wife

Today was Kylee's 24th Birthday.  She says she feels old, but I would kill to be 24 again.  I will be 28 soon...yikes.
It wasn't the ideal birthday for her this year; Sunday Birthdays aren't always the funnest--plus being pregnant and having a 2 year old that has learned the art of throwing a tantrum can throw a damper on the party.  
However, we went out to the beach today after church to watch the water and ended up having a really good time.  
Happy Birthday Kylee! You're a great mom and a great wife.  We have a lot of birthdays ahead of us to enjoy together. 


Kylee said...

Thanks Hun-I love you!

Erika Ann(: said...

Like I said on Kylee's blog! I really miss you guys! I haven't talked or seen you in FOREVER!!
Auri is growing up too fast!
Love you guys and visit soon!

Lesley said...

not to mention the wife of a law student! tough as nails!