Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Auri Turns Two!

Well, I can’t believe that it has already been two years, but Auri turned two years old today! Kylee and I always talk about how impossible it is to picture our lives without her. Before you have children it is hard to picture your life with them, then once you have them you can’t imagine life without them. This doesn’t just pertain to lifestyle. Sure, before you have kids you have much more recreational time and more spending money. But these trivial conveniences don’t hold a candle to the joy a child can bring into your life.
I honestly don’t know what I would do without Auri. While Kylee is the love of my life, Auri is the light of my life. Without her, this world would already have drained me. When you have a child, it is like living life all over again. All of the things that have become so mundane and that you take for granted can be experienced all over again. It’s like you have a new tour guide in life, one that is excited to see just about anything. Suddenly places that have become unappealing and things that have become boring, or even a drag become new again. Something as simple as chewing a piece of bubble gum becomes a pleasure again, as you see the absolute glee on your little one’s face when you hand them a piece. Something as banal as seeing the moon at night is interesting again once your little one points up in the sky and exclaims “moon!” It really is quite a beautiful thing.
But even on a more personal level, there is just something about Auri. I can’t help but feel in her a kindred spirit. She really is a child after my own heart. We understand each other on some strange fundamental level. It’s really hard to describe. Auri and I also have similar interests. Her two favorite things are books and music and so are mine. Of course, she is also pretty obsessed with watching “shows”, but all of her favorite shows center around music. Her favorite movie right now is Sleeping Beauty which means her favorite song right now is the Sleeping Beauty theme “Once upon a Dream.” In fact, she loves it so much that she woke us up at 4:13 A.M. the other morning singing it at the top of her lungs. I thought I was dreaming that she was singing it, but eventually I woke up and realized that she was really singing it. I went into her little room/closet, she was rustling around wide awake just singing. She’s crazy. I love her for that though. I have a hard time not encouraging her craziness.
So yes, Auri has given us two very joyful years so far; but with Auri’s boundless spirit, we know that it’s only going to snowball from here. And now that we have another one on the way, I am pretty excited to see what kind of soul we will end up with next.

Auri woke up first thing and asked for pancakes, so mom made her special birthday kind.


Kerrah said...

I love how much you absolutely love her, not that it isn't to be expected. This is so tender, what you wrote about her, it teared me up. You are such a GOOD DAD!

Lesley said...

You are awesome! You have an amazing way with words that always has me this our Andy?? I totally feel the same about the little ones in our life. Some days you think you will lose your mind, but then they can say one tiny thing, or just smile at you and your whole day is made. I cant imagine you encouraging Auri to be a little crazy, not a Fackrell!

Dahl House said...

Andy, life is pretty darn good right now. Its a great day to be alive!!!!!!!!!

Fashionably Kate said...

What a great post about your beautiful daughter. That's awesome how she was singing that song at 4 in the morning.. Awesome.

We're still in the.. "how is life going to be with a kid?" stage. I'm afraid if we wait to long it'll only be harder to make the decision to have one. It's nice to hear such wonderful words from {fathers} that love their kids. You hear it often with moms, but it's a treat from dads!

Good job Andy! :)

LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

We love Auri! She has grown up so so much! Thanks for the advice, Andy!

Robyn said...

Aww, Andy, this post was so touching. I love the way you put that special bond that only a parent can understand into words. I couldn't have said it better myself.

I always try to tell people who don't have kids how much "fun" it is to be a parent. You know it will be rewarding and all that. But you can't help but feeling that it won't be as fun...maybe... I wish I could tell everyone that it is in fact the total opposite, and that once you have a child you will not be able to imagine a life without them. I guess it's the difference between happiness and joy.

Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt post with all of us!

The Facks of Life said...

I love that little stinker too. There is such a cute bond between the two of you. Just wait until the next one comes. You suddenly can't imagine your life without that one either. And a whole new and unique relationship's awesome!

LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

This is so random; but I thought of you! Last night I was invited to the Warren G concert in Ogden. I was so stoked to sing "Regulators!!!" The club got so crowded and hot, plus the Local Opening Acts of white rappers got so irritating we left. But I kept remembering the old Warren G tape you had!

Kylee said...

I could gobble you up! Cheap-I know, but I love you! I have read this post probably ten times (maybe more)-I am so grateful that I have a husband who adores his children!