Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Ups and Downs

Well, although I have many enormous concerns about the direction the country is headed with an Obama Presidency , I nonetheless want to send an indirect "congratulations" his way. What he has accomplished truly was no small feat; And although I disagree with his policies, except for his policy on trade, I think it is a positive thing that we have elected our first black president. If for no other reason, I think think the prospect that a new sense of patriotism might be imbued within much of our country is at lease a positive thing. My hope is that love of country will be more prevalent in the hearts of those that were perhaps cynical before.
I do have at least one solid reason to celebrate however. Proposition 8 passed! The people of our state spoke and chose to define their moral culture as one that values traditional marriage above other consensual relationships. There is nothing unjust about this. This is how republics work. Remember, the constitution leaves matters of morality to the states. It is a "reserved power." Citizens of each state have the right to decide what their moral culture should be, what they value, and what they feel will bring the best calculated results to their state. It is also important to remember that rights given to one group often effect the rights of another group. Giving gay couples the right to marry would infringe upon other's rights to live in a society free from the consequences they would see occurring from gay marriage. It would infringe upon the rights of parents not to have their children be taught in schools that gay marriage is morally equivalent to traditional marriage. It would infringe upon tax payer's rights to withhold their tax dollars from being used to manage a new institution. It would also effect the rights of those that wish to preserve the Christian values that have been preserved in our country for 400 years. After all, Christian values are what our nation was developed upon. In the eyes of many, divergence from those values is an infringement upon the right to preserve those values. Where such conflict of rights exists, it is nearly always best to allow a fair election to decide the conflict between the conflicting rights. That is what we have done here.
The one thing that I must admit that I was completely let down on was that my candidate did not win the election. I was totally sure that Chuck Baldwin had it in the bag. What you haven't heard of him? If you haven't, he was the candidate for the Constitution Party. Given the state of things, it just may be the party that I may put my support behind, even though I have not followed a political party for a number of years and have remained an independent conservative. Maybe next election eh?


Krista Smith said...

I only had time to scan over this.


i really wanna know who you ended up voting for! so I'll look for names.

I just need sleep and i have a farewell in the morning.

your piano is just in my room if you feel the need for it.

I cant lift it.

But. You may need it.

Lesley said...

Hear, hear. You are so wise in your older ways. I totally agree with what you said on gay marriage. All these rallies and protest are really getting under my skin, not to mention the attacks on our faith.

LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

The Michael Phelps was Jeff's brother. He is so tall and big. It was so gross, but funny as heck. I was a cat cause it was easy for our dress code at work; being all black.