Friday, October 17, 2008

Mission Statement

This being my first post, I suppose it is appropriate establish what I intend to do with this blog-a mission statement of sorts. 
Since myspace is obviously played out, and blogs seem to be the way of the future, I guess it's as good a time as any to jump on the blog train.  Really though, my myspace page is dedicated to music, which I will still discuss here as well, but I  want to be able to post on a variety of topics. This  may vary from film to religion to my everyday family life.  
A common topic, however, will be politics...oops...I lost you right there didn't I?  Well, hopfully I can talk you into coming back despite this. Here goes. Yes, yes, my politics are conservative. Sean Hannity you say?  No...  I should warn you from the outset that I do not subscribe to pop-culture politics, so if you're expecting to read a regurgitation of what Rush Limbah said, you may not be interested.  However, you may be even more certain that the content will in no way reflect the ever scheming liberal media cartel.  I would like to consider myself an independent thinker who just can't help having a conservitive mind.  
I may not be the best up to date blogger. I am so busy in school that I hardly have time for anything, but I promise to make a valiant effort in posting when ever I can.  
very warmest regards
-Andy Fackrell-


Kylee said...

I love you!

Im excited your a blogger now!

Kirsten said...

I just can't help but disagree with your characterization of the media as ever-scheming and liberal. I can't wait to hear more. ; ) Hope all is well with your family and at school!

Graham and Kate said...

Indeed.. It will be interesting to hear the inner workings of Andrude again! Hope all is going well with Law School and the daily juggles!

eRiKa said...

Hey. Just stopping by to say hi to my cousin! Can't wait to read up about whats going on.

We Are The Butlers said...

Welcome to blogdom. looking foward to many more readings.